Give a Job


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Give a Job er en inkluderingsarena, der hvert arrangement har et mål om å skape flere titalls sosiale koblinger og jobbintervjuer. Arrangementet er bygget opp som en utvidet jobbmesse som inkluderer en 3-retters internasjonal middag og førsteklasses underholdning. Så langt har Give Job vært i 10 byer, og ca 5000 personer har vært på Give a Job arrangementer rundt om i landet. Inkludering er viktig for å få til en ordentlig integreringsprosess, og for å skape inkludering må mennesker som er nye i Norge møte nordmenn. Næringslivet har endelig åpnet opp for verdien av mangfold, og ser seg villige å ta sjanser på personer som "har rare navn". Arrangementet er med på å skape åpenhet og inkludering i Norge, og sette fokuset på at våre nye landsmenn er ubenyttede ressurser for samfunnet. 


Inclusive arena

Give a Job is an organization that aims to change the perception of refugees from being problems to being resources. We want create opportunity for local businesses and communities to see that refugees are professional people who can contribute to local society.

Give a Job hosts events in cities around Norway that provide an opportunity for the local business community and refugees to meet. A Give a Job event is like an enhanced job fair where refugees can personally pitch themselves to businesses that have a genuine need and interest in employing them. The event also includes a dinner with entertainment that showcases local talent and speakers. We want people attending the event to have a good time, but most importantly, we want those attending to walk away with jobs, new employees or an enlarged network.

Our goal is to have as many refugees as possible getting jobs from our event because for a refugee, a job means “I trust you, you can work with me.” It is the ultimate welcome to a person, providing self-esteem, local contacts and an opportunity to learn about culture and language. Also for local communities, jobs build bridges between people, lower crime and conflicts, creating mutual trust and common goals.